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​The Cultural Giving Tree, offers each student a place to began the road to early learning success within a loving and caring environment, by providing them with quality early care and education focusing history while reflecting on who the are within their culture & establishing a positive identity of self, ensuring that each child becomes confident happy and prepared students.

​Early care and education at The Cultural Giving Tree for early learning focuses on literacy, physical, cognitive emotional and social development.

Classrooms at The Cultural Giving Tree offer a core Afrocentric based curriculum while also incorporating a diverse early education program that features yoga foreign language, manners, agriculture and cultivation, STEM  science, technology, engineering and mathematics along phonics and early reading. At The Cultural Giving Tree we believe that it is never to early to introduce your child to different forms of learning.

  • On site Dual Management- Our center is owned by members of the local community and provide opportunities to volunteer to students as well as job training.
  • Faculty- our teachers are degreed professionals who have a true passion for providing early education and equipping your children with life long skills that will make future learning both fun and easy.
  • The Cultural Giving Tree For Early Learning is a member of the National Black Child Development Institute this allows us to have resources that are beneficial to both our students and parents and also allows us to engage in strengths-based, culturally -relevant education and advocacy.
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